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Your Wish List

When starting your search for the perfect house make a realistic "shopping list" of items you are looking for. This is an attempt to narrow your choices of properties. If you do not do this you will be consuming a large amount of time and perhaps loose that home you would have purchased. Many times, homebuyers make the mistake of not understanding a WANT vs a NEED. Don’t say no to a home when it doesn’t have your want vs what you really need. That is why a budget and financial institution should be the major factor and not your “wish list.”

Talking To A Lender

The truly first start to any home search is talking to a lender and getting pre-approved. This letter will inform the seller and their agent that you are indeed a serious buyer. There are local lenders on this site that can assist you.

Let’s Begin

Are you now ready to buy? We will assist you viewing the properties, an analysis on your final choice, negotiation strategies, and real estate 101. Our goal is to help you get the home you desire and for the best price and terms. We know the market and you will be alerted when new homes go on to our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Home buying can be complicated. We are there for you every step of the way, such as lenders, inspectors and finally someone to finalize it all at settlement. With over 31 years in the local real estate market, Kaye and Charlie have what it takes to help you reach your goal.

Start Your Search

We will send you an app for the complete Multiple Listing Service. With this app you will put in your parameters for you home and will be advised whenever a new listing comes on the market. This will be your own access to your dream home 24/7.

Get Informed

Single family, townhouse, or perhaps condo, what am I looking for? You will need to tour neighborhoods as the value of a home is greatly affected by the surrounding homes. Think resale. You will become an informed buyer with Kaye and Charlie during the entire process. When you have found the home you wish to purchase a CMA or an analysis of homes will be completed. This information will help you make an informed decision on your offer.

Writing the Offer

There are many items to a written offer and you will be guided through each with detail. Besides the sales contract which will give your offering price and settlement date there is additional paperwork. These will include inspection papers, loan papers and disclosure papers, to name a few.

Time Frames Begin

Once your offer is accepted, your time frames begin. You will meet with the lender to begin the final phase of your loan. Also, your inspections should be completed. These include a home inspection, pest and well and septic if in the county. The home inspector will let you know if any items need corrected. Your pest inspector will tell you if the home is free of active pest and what needs to be corrected. If you need the well and septic inspection, they will give you a report on the safety of the water and the condition of the septic. Having professional inspectors you will get an objective view of the property, with a written report, indicating the present condition and items that will need repair.

Let’s Go To Closing

When the inspections are complete and any repairs are negotiated, the loan or mortgage is ready, all loan documents are at the settlement office, we will prepare for settlement. On the day of settlement, all monies will change hands, all papers signed and you will be given the keys to the house. Kaye and Charlie will be there assisting you all along the way.

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